What we do


The Air Cadets provides a wide range of activities within the organisation at any level, be that complete novice, all the way through to instructing other cadets. Here at 2442 Squadron we take pride in the number of activities we offer, with new events being offered wherever possible.

Flying and Gliding

For powered flying the Squadron travels to Colerne Airfield, home of 3AEF. During a days flying at Colerne the cadets get to fly in the twin seat Grob Tutor, the same aircraft used by the RAF for elementary flying training. This provides cadets with a chance to take full control of the aircraft, potentially even performing a few aerobatic tricks whilst being instructed by retired and serving RAF pilots.

Classification Training

The Squadron runs a carefully planned series of lessons directed at advancing the cadets through the classification system, by teaching them everything they need to take the exams to advance. A significant opportunity the Air Cadets provides is the potential to gain BTECs in public services along with aviation studies. These are available to the cadets at no extra cost, with the Aviation Studies BTEC awarded on completion of the Master Cadet syllabus.

Adventure Training

Many events are arranged throughout the year with the aim of pushing the cadets beyond the normal limits of life. A few examples include DofE expeditions to the Normandy beaches, the Ten Tors competition on Dartmoor, and Windemere AT Camp.


2442 Squadron has a rich musical history. The squadron has both a marching and ensemble band, and has even reached Corps level competitions for ensemble bands. These bands often perform at local events, and have even been requested for a number of events further afield. The band practice during standard parade nights, supporting the squadron on parades, with fundraising and at other events.


Within the Air Cadets, like with other military organisations, we practice drill. This culminates in cadets representing the Squadron at Wing Activities Day, in a competition against all the other squadrons in Bristol and Gloucester Wing. Also available is the Drill and Ceremonial Flight who practise rifle drill, along with continuity and other drill displays. There are a number of parades throughout the year where the cadets all march in a formal parade thus showing the pride and determination devoted to the drill and uniform care they have been taught.

 Visits and Camps

The Air Cadets runs annual camps to RAF stations, both in the UK and overseas, giving cadets a chance to live for a week watching how these bases run, with some amazing activities, for example tours of working Air Traffic Control facilities, fire stations, aircraft and RAF Police facilities


As a Squadron we run a series of annual camps to DTE Caerwent, a training area in South Wales. Often during these camps cadets get to watch regular military forces practicing ambushes and other spectacles.


The Air Cadet Organisation has many sporting opportunities, be that playing sports for the squadron or even representing Bristol and Gloucestershire Wing or being part of the Southwest Region teams. The number of sports on offer is ever increasing, whilst still maintaining high quality teams for rugby, netball, football and hockey.


When cadets join the squadron they have the opportunity to train on the .22 No8 rifle. This is a very carefully planned entry to shooting. This training qualifies the cadets to shot the No8 rifle on military ranges under staff supervision. At the age of 14 there is the opportunity to sign up for training on the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle,  which is chambered for 5.56mm ammunition. After training in the use of these rifles, there is then the opportunity to participate in range shooting, either on squadron or on Wing Shooting Weekends, during which there may be the chance to aim for a marksman badge for their brassard.